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Handcrafted Ceramic Lighting Fixtures

Faux Finishes

Now you can have the look of leather, rusty metal, stone or exotic wood- indoors or outdoors- without worrying about maintaining it. You can choose to use a faux finish on the entire fixture on any of the Islands of Light Collection, or on the frames and bodies of the Silhouette Collection and the Jewel Collection. The faux finish begins with our hand-wearing, cross-linked acrylic paint, and is completed by expert artisans for a breathtaking look. A final polymer-based, industrial grade clear coat adds a silky, satin protective sheen. With A19, you never have to worry that your neighbors or friends will have the same light fixture because no two faux finishes are ever exactly the same!

*Actual patterns and colors may vary slightly from the samples shown. Because all finishes are hand-applied, no two finishes are exactly alike.

  • B1 Southern Hickory Burl
  • B2 American Black Walnut Burl
  • B3 Carpathian Elm Burl
  • B4 Sonoma Redwood Burl
  • L1 Harness Leather
  • L2 Saddle Leather
  • L3 Buckskin Leather
  • L4 Rio Roho Leather
  • L6 Sherwood Forest Leather
  • M1 Weathered Iron
  • M2 Weathered Bronze
  • M6 Heat Treated Steel
  • M8 Verdigris
  • M9 Corroded Copper
  • M10 Colonial Pewter
  • M11 Mayan Gold
  • M12 Heat Forged Copper
  • M14 Grecian Bronze
  • M15 Red Copper Satin
  • M16 Silver Satin
  • M17 Royal Gold Satin
  • M18 Golden Bronze Satin
  • M19 Oil Rubbed Bronze
  • MB1 Ivory Black Marble
  • MB2 Zinc White Marble
  • MB3 Chromium Green Marble
  • S1 Midnight Granite
  • S2 Dusk Granite
  • S3 Blanco Granite
  • S4 Beige Granite