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Handcrafted Ceramic Lighting Fixtures

Made in Sunny California

Customized Just for You

All our products– from beginning to end– are made by hand in Southern California. Our wall sconces and pendants are designed, molded, fired, sanded, finished, assembled and shipped directly from our factory. Whether your tastes run from traditional to rustic to modern, each piece is customized to your exact needs. It’s all up to you: you can choose to keep the fixtures in their natural ceramic state or specify a range of custom finishes, glazes and decorations. Just as important, we work hard to ensure consistent quality and guarantee your 100% satisfaction.

Committed to the Community– and the Environment

A19 is much more than a lighting company. Woman-owned and operated in a close family-style environment, we respect the impact our business has on the social and physical environment. We recycle the clay we use to create the lighting fixtures, filter the water we use before it leaves our factory, and use recycled boxes, bubble wrap and office materials. We developed new ways to make our manufacturing energy efficient without compromising product quality. The clay bodies and glazes that we use require less energy to create our durable, long-lasting fixtures. And, the kilns we use are specifically calibrated for energy efficiency. Additionally, we believe in sourcing our materials as locally as possible to help build employment in the region and keep money in the area, as much as in reducing fuel usage and the carbon footprint.

All of Our Products are Green

Sustainability is at the heart of everything that we do. For example, our ceramic and glass– two of the world’s oldest materials– are made from natural clay (earth) and silica (sand). Following is how we continue to create products that support the environment and our clients’ health:
  • Reduce, reuse, recycle. A19 has both recycling and reclaiming programs in place. Besides reclaiming nearly every speck of clay, every shard of glass, and every drop of water involved in making our fixtures, we sort recyclables and “trash,” which is recycled locally. Additionally, A19’s packaging is made from recycled content and is fully recyclable.
  • Storm water. A19 participates in a city storm water management program in compliance with the provisions of the Federal Clean Water Act to protect water quality by preventing the introduction of pollutants.
  • Safety. The clays that we use in our fixtures have been evaluated by a nationally certified toxicologist using the American Society for Testing and Materials standards. Our clays do not contain any material in sufficient quantity to be toxic or to constitute a chronic health hazard.
  • No off-gassing. A19’s ceramic wall sconces and pendants are inert and odorless, and outlast comparable metal lighting fixtures.
  • Energy Efficient. A19 fixtures are available to accommodate Energy Star compact fluorescent and LED light bulbs.
  • Dark-Sky compliant. Many of our wall sconces help reduce light pollution based on the International Dark-Sky Association’s requirements. Artificial light at night has been shown to affect the mating, migration, and predation behaviors of many different species, and consequently, the ecological community as a whole. Whether outdoor light is directly adjacent to a species habitat or located at some distance, as through sky glow, the combined effects of artificial lighting on vast numbers of nocturnal species have the potential to disrupt the functioning of entire ecosystems by disrupting balances in competition and predation.