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Handcrafted Ceramic Lighting Fixtures

Solid Acrylic Finishes

From vibrant primary colors to soft pastels or earthy neutrals- and any other color in between- A19 can create a gorgeous, durable finish. If you don't see what you want below, just let us know and we will create a custom color or precisely match the color you desire. Our colors are available on the entire fixture in any of the Islands of Light Collection or on the frames for the Silhouette Collection and the bodies of the Jewel Collection. More subtle than gloss finish, yet with more shine than a matte finish, our painted satin finishes consist of durable, cross-linked, professional-grade acrylic paint that holds up both indoors and out.

*Actual colors may vary slightly from the samples shown. Because all fixtures are hand-made and finishes are hand-applied, no two will be exactly alike.

  • A1 Clay
  • A2 Straw
  • A3 Fawn
  • A4 Pearl
  • A5 Brick
  • A6 Milk Chocolate
  • A7 Shadow Tan
  • A9 Icelandic Blue
  • A10 Graphite
  • A11 Fog
  • A12 Dove
  • A13 Hurricane Blue
  • A14 Hawaiian Blue
  • A15 Fleet Blue
  • A16 Twilight Blue
  • A17 Jade
  • A18 Adirondack Green
  • A19 Lichen
  • A20 Spanish Olive
  • A21 Dusty Teal
  • A22 Black Forest Green
  • A24 Rich Earth
  • A25 Claret
  • A26 Pinot Noir
  • A28 Brazil Nut
  • A29 Monaco Red
  • A30 Slate Black
  • A31 Satin White
  • A32 Clear Satin
  • A33 Safety Yellow