A Designer’s Dream: Creating Layers of Light

Whether for home or commercial applications, the use of light layering brings a room to life with design flexibility and functionality. Layering allows the room to go from highly functional during the day to sophisticated or cozy in the evening. Creating layers of light makes for a beautiful and homely environment. At A19 we provide wall sconces and pendant lights to fit your designer dream.

Achieving the dream

To achieve the functionality and design characteristics possible through layering, start by choosing your ambient lighting, then move to task-related pieces, and then add accent lighting to achieve multiple layers of light.

A19 sconces and pendants are some of the most versatile lighting products available. Common uses for ambient lighting include Wall sconces. As accents, they can warm up a cold corner, provide indirect lighting, or show off an architectural feature such as vaulted ceilings as other lamps focus on work spaces or the overall illumination of the room. Use sconces for exposed staircases, entryways, or to frame a fireplace.

A19 Santa Inez Wall Sconce in a stairway landing
Designer: Linda Sonders Design – Stairway using A19’s Santa Inez wall sconce to highlight artwork.

You can use A19 pendants for common ambient lighting over kitchen counters, islands or other work spaces in your home; kitchen or dining room tables; or anywhere in the home where a dramatic touch would be helpful. Add a design statement! Multiple pendants are necessary to provide adequate light.

Whether you need to highlight artwork, or brighten up a dim room, A19 has you covered with its Wall lights and Pendants! We appreciate dramatic and artistic lighting and hope to see your designs and lighting ideas.

Visit the A19 website for more examples of how to use A19 sconces and pendants and to view a complete catalog of A19 products! And by all means call A19 at 909-391-4208 to discuss your specific requirements.

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