Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is steadfast.   We believe light greatly influences quality of life. Why else do we tell people to “shine their light” when we want them to thrive? Or let’s “shed a light on this problem?” Conversely, we talk about the “Dark Ages,” the “Dark Lord” in Star Wars, and having been “in the dark.”

A coincidence?  We think not.

Here at A19, we make artisan, ceramic wall sconces and pendant light fixtures. A19 was born from our belief that our work is about more than illumination. We help create experiential spaces based on the design, placement, cast, and artistry of our fixtures.

We have a commitment to being your creative partners. Yes, you are an integral part of the process… we take pride in understanding your specific intentions, we share the design exploration and process, and we fuss over the details.

Each item is meticulously crafted by our small team of five. Each member ascribes to the core values of our company: community, artistry, and sustainability. We take pride in everything we do, from making our ceramic fixtures to answering your phone calls(call us, you’ll see). And as a green business, we recycle everything we can from clay and water to bubble wrap and boxes.

We are so grateful to our supportive local community, our natural materials, and our loyal and repeat clients who allow us to live our mission! 

Why Ceramic Wall Sconces?

Given that lighting has such critical impact on the mood and experience of any environment, wall sconces can be one’s best ally. Wall sconces cast light in different directions, up to highlight a ceiling or down to draw attention to an entry table. Unlike harsh overhead lights, they cast flattering light on cherished items and, of course, people. In addition, they flank paintings and mirrors well, directing the eye to important focal points in your room

Ceramic is an ancient material that can take on any modern form. As fragments from classical antiquity attest, ceramic is remarkably durable. It can withstand extremes of temperature and harsh environments without rusting or deteriorating. Unlike glass, it provides ambient lighting without unintended glare. It can be painted, textured, pierced, and molded in any way your design requires.  And it screams “artisan-made” rather than “mass produce

How We Derive Our Prices

Having taken the time to look at the competition, you know that these are not bargain sconces. Yes, we’ve priced our fixtures as fairly as possible. Our prices reflect the bespoke quality, the artisanal touch, and the highest quality materials on the market. Every fixture is made-to-order to your specification and individually crafted from start to finish in our small factory in California. Our molds are created by hand, our sconces are hand-sanded after firing, and our finishes are hand-painted. All our parts, like our clay, organic and sourced in California, are so durable that you will never need to replace your sconces. Wisely, you will buy once, buy the best, and buy at an equitable price.

We are so grateful to our supportive local community, our natural materials, and our loyal and repeat clients who allow us to live our mission!

Our Origin Story

Like many creative and successful businesses, the idea for A19 began on the back of a napkin.  Owner Cinnamon Alvarez and a friend met at local watering hole. They dreamily hatched their plans to run their own shows. They’d do what they really loved and inspired them. They’d treat their employees like family. They’d make their own hours. Their clients would feel revered and deeply cared for. They’d change the world! (OK, maybe they’d just strive to make a difference).

At the start of the next workweek, Cinnamon sat down with her boss. She looked him square in the eyes, and launched into her jaw-dropping proposal. Her plan was to purchase the company. To her surprise, he was intrigued. Cinnamon began crunching numbers and creating a business plan. Then, reality set in. She realized there was more to being an entrepreneur than vision and determination. So her ex-boss became her mentor. She approached key co-workers, each an exceptionally talented crafts-person, with her proposal. Her vision inspired them and they said YES to jumping on board. Thus A19 was born. We maintain the same commitment now as in 1998. Our commitment is to attention to detail and unparalleled service. All while creating the highest quality functional art the lighting world has seen.

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