Be Summer Ready: Tips for Outdoor Lighting

Nothing says summer like spending time outdoors in your backyard or patio. Whether you’re hosting a get-together with your closest friends or just enjoying the warm weather with your family, it’s important to make sure your patio is looking its best. Here are some tips for decorating your patio for summer, and some ideas on outdoor ceramic wall sconces and ceramic pendants to incorporate. 

Here are 5 Tips to Help Pick The Perfect Lighting for Your Summer Outdoors.

1. Choose a style.

Whether you’re going for a rustic, natural look or a bright, modern feel choose a style that complements your lifestyle. Your backyard and patio is an extension of your interior and design of your home. Make your patio inviting and comfortable by creating a cohesive style and story through our fun themed sconces.

2. Choose the right size.

When selecting ceramic pendants and wall sconces, make sure they’re the right size for your patio. Too small and they won’t make a statement, too large and they’ll be overpowering. We offer different sizing for some of our popular wall sconces and pendants to help you achieve a balanced perfect look.

3. Add a touch of color.

Ceramic pendants and wall sconces come in all sorts of vibrant colors, so you can easily find one that will match the decor of your patio. With custom colored finishes, the options are limitless. Check out some faux finishes and textures we offer. Have an idea in mind? Send us an email at and we will be happy to help answer any questions.

4. Consider the shape.

Ceramic wall sconces and pendants come in a variety of shapes – from squares to circles, sea shells and nature inspired sconces. Find one that will really stand out and make your patio shine! Check out our nature inspired collection.

5. Create an ambient atmosphere.

Outdoor ceramic wall sconces and pendants provide just the right amount of light to create a cozy and ambient atmosphere on your patio. Layer your lighting to create dynamic and perfect outdoor living space!

These are just a few lighting tips for decorating your patio for summer. With the right lighting you can elevate your patio into the perfect oasis for entertaining and relaxing! Wishing you all an amazing summer!

-The A19 Team

We can’t wait to decorate and enjoy all of the summer festivities! How are you planning to add to your patio lighting and backyard? Tag us @a19lighting to show us your seasonal style!

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