You can see highlights of all of our collections from Islands of Light with wall sconces and pendants to Studio with only ceiling light fixtures.

We offer 7 unique collections to be used in any room in your house while creating layers of light.

Islands of Light Collection

Picture yourself in a tropical paradise. You are relaxing on the veranda.  The ocean breeze is brushing against your skin while you sip a refreshing drink.

That’s the inspiration behind A19’s best-selling collection of ceramic wall sconces and pendants. Whether you’re looking to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere for a restaurant, or want to refresh your home, we have a fixture just for you. Our white ceramic wall sconces and pendant lights are beautiful as shown in natural bisque. And, we can make them ANY color. Looking for white wall sconces and black pendants? Choose from one of our popular glazes, faux or solid acrylic finishes, or specify a color from a recognized quality paint brand (e.g. Sherwin Williams or Benjamin Moore) and we’ll make you custom colored lights. If you enjoy DIY, our bare bisque ceramic is also smooth and easy to paint.

You can also check out the rest of our collections on this page. Let your imagination of what’s possible go wild.

Islands of Light Collection – Ceramic Wall Sconces

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Islands of Light Collection – Ceramic Pendant Lights

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Islands of Light Collection – Ceramic Corner Wall Sconces

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The Studio Collection

This fresh, modern collection can add an unexpected spark to the traditional setting. It can also create a visual punch to a contemporary interior. These mini pendants offer abundant light. They can be customized in a wide variety of hand-applied finishes and glazes. They are shown below in natural bare bisque white ceramic. Don’t stop with just white or black pendants; You have the ability to choose from endless finish options including specifying ANY designer color.

Specialized Design

From the hippest sushi bars to chic kitchen islands, the sky’s the limit with Studio Collection’s ever-evolving collection of pendants. Spotlight a cozy, romantic nook or dramatically transform an entire space with these bold, contemporary pendants.

Standard Line-voltage and Low-voltage

Our popular mini-pendants offer versatility and convenience. Simply cut the line-voltage cord to your desired length. Line-voltage is the standard voltage—120 volts—supplied in the United States and Canada and does not require a transformer to operate. Low-voltage mini pendants require a low-voltage transformer. Everything needed for easy installation is included.

Studio Collection – Ceramic Line-voltage Mini Pendants

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Studio Collection – Ceramic Low-voltage Mini Pendants

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Most of the products in our collections can be customized to match your color specifications. Pick a fixture from most of our collections and than customize the color and finish.

The Nature Collection

“One touch of nature makes the whole world kin.” Those words of William Shakespeare bring us together hundreds of years later. Similarly, A19’s Nature Collection serves to bring the 21st century and the natural world together in one dynamic collection.

Handcrafted, of course

Our hand-molded wall sconces and pendants are made of high-quality ceramics and decorated with stunning faux finishes. All products are created to resemble all the colors, textures and designs you find in nature. The advantages of ceramic over the real natural material is each item is substantially more durable.  While the fixture may look like bamboo or wood, it holds up to the test of time.

Remarkably weather-resistant

Ceramic fixtures have an advantage over other natural products. Ceramic is incredibly weather-resistant and won’t rust, corrode, or decay over time.

Nature Collection – Tropical and Nature Themed Wall Sconces

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Nature Collection – Tropical and Nature Themed Pendant Lights

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The Silhouette Collection

Since ancient times, the art of the silhouette has focused on a person, object or scene in a backlit setting. It’s an intriguing technique when you apply it to lighting fixtures, and the ambience that it creates can transform an ordinary room into a designer showcase.

Lighting as art

A19’s distinctive Silhouette Collection features intriguing images painted by hand onto the reverse side of a translucent lens. When combined with one of our hand-crafted ceramic wall sconces, the resulting silhouette is breathtaking.

Clever and sensible

A19’s Silhouette Collection fixtures are supplied with Energy Star LED lamps and meet ADA building requirements making them a smart choice for public places, themed restaurants, and commercial applications.

Silhouette Collection – Transparent Framed Wall Sconces

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The reFusion Collection

Recycled fused glass takes lighting to the next level by creating a stunning array of textures, colors, and patterns. Each one has an organic, natural feel – including bubbles, speckles, and crackles. It’s something you won’t find anywhere else but from A19. But beautiful doesn’t mean these fused-glass pieces aren’t as sturdy and functional as our other fixtures. Each piece in the reFusion Collection is hand-made to A19’s exacting standards. Their ceramic bases ensure that use in a damp location, such as a bathroom, won’t harm the fixture. Additionally, we also offer incandescent and Energy Star rated LED options to meet any needs. Many of our sconces also meet the American with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements by having a depth of four inches or less.

Where hand-crafted design meets “green”

Our reFusion Collection turns recycled glass into long-lasting, stunning, functional pieces of art. Each piece will be admired and appreciated for generations to come. We invite you to take a look at the range of unique styles we have to offer.

reFusion Collection – Recycled Glass Wall Sconces

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The Jewel Collection

A19’s Jewel collection sparkles with color and life, like precious gemstones. Some subtle, some bold, each fused glass design is as distinctive as the individuals who enjoy them.

Created using a unique fused glass process

We incorporate a special fused glass process in the kiln to bond the art glass together. The fused glass is then carefully mounted on a ceramic frame, which is hand slip cast. Then fired in A19’s kilns and finished in satin white to set off the dynamic colors. Each light fixture is truly a work of art.

Art that’s made to last

The value of A19’s Jewel Collection extends far beyond their beauty. These wall sconces were designed to showcase the unique art glass as well as provide ambient up and down light effects. Energy Star LED options, as well as more shallow ADA-compliant sconces are available for commercial applications. There will be subtle variations as each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art. We’re proud to say that the Jewel Collection, like all A19 lighting, is handmade in sunny California.

Jewel Collection Art Glass Wall Sconces

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The Mosaic Collection

For centuries, mosaic has been a respected art that mixes small pieces of colored stone or glass. This process creates beautiful, lasting designs. A19’s Mosaic Collection takes this Old World craftsmanship and gives it a modern twist.

Quality that stands the test of time

In addition to their beauty, all of A19’s fixtures — including the Mosaic Collection — are manufactured for durability. Because they’re ceramic, they’re resistant to harsh weather conditions and won’t rust or corrode. Additionally, we seal the grout on each mosaic wall sconce and pendant to prevent soiling and make cleaning a breeze.

Unique, handcrafted fixtures

The ceramic process we use to create our Mosaic Collection fixtures means that there will be subtle variations in each piece. It’s what makes A19’s products unique and why people have continued to buy our products since 1998. We’re proud to say that the Mosaic Collection, like all A19 products, is made in America — or as we love to say, in sunny Southern California.

Mosaic Collection – Colorful Glazed Wall Sconces

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Mosaic Collection – Colorful Glazed Pendant Lights

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