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Custom Commissioned Projects

Together let us create an enduring ceramic lighting fixture for a timeless look.

At A19, we specialize in making handcrafted ceramic light fixtures tailored to your specific requirements. Our expertise encompasses the customization of colored finishes (by custom color matching any paint color and sheen you wish) and the incorporation of unique cut-outs and textures. Additionally, we offer a diverse selection of shapes and sizes that can be personalized to meet your precise needs.

While we have the capability to create new shapes and sizes, it’s important to note that our process of crafting new ceramic fixtures (even if just slightly bigger or smaller than a piece we’ve already designed) involves a significant amount of time and labor and therefore may be cost-prohibitive, unless it’s for a larger quantity of fixtures. If you’re in search of smaller quantities, you might discover a suitable option from our extensive catalog of pre-designed styles.

We encourage you to share your vision for a custom ceramic light fixture with us. Our team is eager to provide expert guidance and explore how we can turn your unique vision into a tangible reality. Please feel free to reach out, and let’s bring your design vision to light.

The Process

Our minimum order quantity for a fully custom sconce begins at 100 units. Lead time on fully custom sconces are 8-10 weeks.

1. DESIGN:  From initial conversation to detailed CAD renderings, we handle projects at every stage. As both a Design and Manufacturing Company for ceramic lighting, we can bring your envisioned design to life. If you already have a specific design with detailed specifications and a model ready, please reach out so we can discuss the next steps towards your custom ceramic light.

2.  SCULPTURE:  Our process involves hand-sculpting or 3D engineering your design into a sculpture. You’ll have the opportunity to review and approve the model for your custom ceramic light before we proceed.

3.  TOOLING – MATRIX MOLD, MASTER MOLD AND PRODUCTION MOLDS:  After finalizing your model, we begin by crafting the original plaster matrix master mold. From this master, we create our production molds to ensure consistency and quality in each custom ceramic lighting fixture.

4.  COLOR SPECIFICATION: You have the option to choose our natural Bare Bisque finish or specify a custom color. Simply select from a range of paint brands, colors, and sheens to achieve the exact look you desire in your custom ceramic light.

The End Results

With each custom ceramic lighting fixture we create, we deliver a beautifully handcrafted, timeless piece that meets rigorous quality standards. Collaborate closely with us to craft a lighting fixture tailored precisely to your specifications, encompassing design, size, color, and finish. Together, we’ll bring your vision to life with meticulous attention to detail and artisanal craftsmanship. We look forward to working together!

From one artist to another,

The A19 Team

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