A19 Signature Finishes, Glazes, and Custom Colors

Let your imagination go wild with endless possibilities with a A19 Signature Finishes, Glazes, and Custom Colors.

Bare Bisque

Our clay produces a beautiful matte off-white bisque finish when fired. You can use our natural bisque fixtures for a clean and simple look. You can also paint the bare bisque yourself. Or, we can apply your choice of finish for you.

Custom Options Galore

Most of our wall sconces and pendants can be ANY color. Allow us to make your fixtures match your decor perfectly. Simply specify your favorite color by brand and sheen or choose from one of our signature finishes.

A19 Signature Glaze Finishes

Are you looking for something glossy, matte or with an irregular organic appeal? Our beautiful glaze finishes can enhance the look of any space, creating a unique, long-lasting and functional piece of art for your home or business.

Giving you a classic, artistic look
Let us customize any Studio Collection shade, Islands of Light fixture, Mosaic Collection fixture or the frames and bodies of the reFusion Collection, Silhouette Collection and Jewel Collection fixtures.

Our glaze finishes are carefully applied by hand and kiln fired to create that classic ceramic look with the subtle color variations that are the hallmark of a truly handmade product.

A19 Signature Solid Acrylic Finish Options

From vibrant primary colors to soft pastels or earthy neutrals—and other colors in between—A19 creates gorgeous, durable finishes. You can choose to use any color on Studio Collection Line-voltage Mini Pendants, the entire Islands of Light Collection, or on the frames of the Silhouette Collection.

Professional-grade satin finish
More subtle than a gloss finish, yet with more shine than a matte finish, our painted satin finishes consist of durable, cross-linked, professional-grade acrylic paint that holds up both indoors and outdoors.

If you don’t see what you want below, just let us know, and we will precisely match the color you desire.

A19 Signature Faux Finishes

Now you can have the look of leather, rusty metal, stone or exotic wood – indoors or outdoors – without worrying about maintaining it. You can choose to use a faux finish on the entire fixture on any of the Islands of Light Collection, or on the frames and bodies of the Silhouette Collection and the Jewel Collection.

Having fun with faux

The faux finishing begins with our hard-wearing, cross-linked acrylic paint, and is completed by expert artisans for a breathtaking look. A final polymer-based, industrial-grade clear coat adds a silky, satin protective sheen.

With A19, you never have to worry that your neighbors or friends will have the same light fixture because no two faux finishes are ever exactly the same!

Want A Different Shopping Option?

You can also find us on Etsy. Our Shop is  A19 Artisan Lighting. We offer a select line of our products for purchase with customization available on select items. You can visit our ETSY Shop for more information. 

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