How to Add Color in the House with Lighting

A Focus on Memphis Style Design

Memphis—the birth place of Elvis and that iconic style known worldwide as “Memphis style.” Taking its name from the city’s iconic architecture, it is defined by its unique, bold, geometric patterns and shapes. The Memphis style is most often noted with a heavy influence of vibrant colors and black-and-white contrasts.

Those familiar with this eye-catching style already know it gets a lot of attention! With its incorporation of Art Deco, Pop Art, and modernist aesthetics, Memphis style design is sure to turn a few heads when it appears in any space.
If you’re looking to jump on the “Memphis Train” and make a stylish statement in your home or business, A19 has the wall sconces and pendant lighting you need in a variety of shapes and sizes. Use any of our ceramic lighting fixtures as statement pieces, placing them in prominent locations to draw attention and add visual interest to the space.

The use of geometric patterns, asymmetrical shapes, and bold colors in ceramic lighting perfectly aligns with the Memphis style, adding an extra layer of visual interest to the overall design scheme. These handcrafted pieces serve as functional art installations, creating captivating focal points in any room.

If you crave a pop of color, you’re in luck! Custom color is A19’s specialty. Whether you’re designing a bold and bright color scheme or opting for something softer and subtler, all of A19’s artisan lighting is customizable to the exact color of your choice. Simply specify any paint brand color and sheen!

Let your inner artist take center stage and embrace the boldness of Memphis style design. Embrace the boldness and creative energy of Memphis interior design by incorporating handcrafted ceramic lighting into your space. From vibrant pendant lights to sculptural wall sconces, these unique fixtures create a captivating ambiance. Let the playful spirit of Memphis design and the artisanal beauty of ceramic lighting make a lasting impression.

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