A19’s Mosaic Pendants Collection takes this Old World craftsmanship and gives it a modern twist.  For centuries, mosaic has been a respected art that mixes small pieces of colored stone or glass. It was used, and still is used, to create beautiful, lasting designs.

In addition to their beauty, all of A19’s fixtures are manufactured for durability. Because they’re ceramic, they’re resistant to harsh weather conditions and won’t rust or corrode. Additionally, we seal the grout on each mosaic wall sconce and pendant to prevent soiling and make cleaning a breeze.

The ceramic process we use to create our Mosaic Collection fixtures means that there will be subtle variations in each piece — it’s what makes A19’s products unique and why people have continued to buy our products since 1998. We’re proud to say that all A19 products, is made in America — or as we love to say, in sunny Southern California.

Furthermore, all of our light fixtures are handmade ceramic in Sunny California for you. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service.

Most importantly, you customize the color or finish of almost all of our products. All you need to do is specify the brand, paint name or color #, and we can paint it for you. Or choose from one of our select colors.

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