Like precious gemstones, A19’s Jewel collection sparkles with color and life. Some subtle, some bold, each fused glass design is as distinctive as the individuals who enjoy them. 

Created using a unique fused glass process

We incorporate a special fused glass process in the kiln to bond the art glass together. The fused glass is then carefully mounted on a ceramic frame, which is hand slip cast, fired in A19’s kilns and finished in satin white to set off the dynamic colors. Each light fixture is truly a work of art.

Art that’s made to last

The value of A19’s Jewel Collection extends far beyond their beauty. These wall sconces were designed to showcase the unique art glass as well as provide ambient up and down light effects. Energy Star LED options, as well as more shallow ADA-compliant sconces are available for commercial applications.There will be subtle variations and each piece is a one-of-a-kind piece of functional art. We’re proud to say that the Jewel Collection, like all A19 lighting, is handmade in sunny California.