Wall Washer Effects

Wall Washer effects are another type of lighting effect of A19’s wall sconces. This is a lighting technique that places the fixture far enough away from the wall plane to uniformly light it up from top to bottom. Correspondingly, the effect is a smooth “wash” that has been traditionally used to hide imperfections and eliminate shadows.

This technique puts an emphasis on the vertical surface, making smaller spaces perceptually feel larger. Therefore, when using this method outdoors, it can add depth to architectural features and provide true ambience. You can use Wall Washer effects to accentuate an entrance, fireplace, or artwork.

All of our light fixtures are handmade ceramic in Sunny California for you. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service. Most importantly, you customize the color or finish of almost any of our products. All you need to do is specify the brand, paint name or color #, and we can paint it for you. Or choose from one of our select colors.

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