Outdoor/Patio Lighting is the perfect placement for our Wall Sconces. If you are looking for inspiration, check out Gallery Page! You will find Outdoor/Patio Lighting under “Outdoors”.

All of our light fixtures are made with an indoor/outdoor damp rating. Which means, you can place these light fixtures outside in a sheltered area. However, when planning to use our light fixtures outside, in an unsheltered area, be sure to order the proper lamping. Light Fixtures need to have an Outdoor/WET lamping if placed in direct contact with the elements.

The Location for placing our wall sconces and pendants can be anywhere in your home or business. Select styles my be placed outside as well.

Furthermore, all of our light fixtures are handmade ceramic in Sunny California for you. Additionally, we pride ourselves on our attention to detail and customer service.

Most importantly, you customize the color or finish of almost all of our products. All you need to do is specify the brand, paint name or color #, and we can paint it for you. Or choose from one of our select colors.

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