Remembering Our Why: More than Lighting 

When Cinnamon first dreamt of A19, she never imagined it would manifest itself to what it has become. There is no lack of passion when it comes to her work – in fact, A19’s core values are built on the passion she has for making sure every person feels seen, heard, and appreciated for their unique gifts and contributions to the world. 

Bringing projects to life

Oftentimes, businesses struggle to have a clear vision & understanding of their mission. Success is most certainly defined in various ways – and for A19, success lies within our customers’ satisfaction and helping to bring people’s dream projects to light, figuratively and literally. 

To us, integrity is equally important as the quality of life. If something we make isn’t just right, we’ll redo it, and redo it again if needed. Above and beyond our product itself, our focus and appreciation is on our customers, our team members, and each business partner that allows us to continue doing the work we love. 

Cinnamon painting a Bamboo Sconce

There is no elaborate, fancy elevator pitch as to why we do what we do. At A19, we simply do what we do because we love it. We’re fortunate that every day, for over 20 years, people have trusted in us and spent their hard-earned money on our artisan ceramic wall sconces and pendants. Our work gets to become part of something bigger. Our little creations help bring everything together and bring the ultimate in design and architecture, and more importantly, people’s dream projects to light.

We will continue to bring magic to life, and encourage our customers to act on what pulls at their heartstrings. Thank you for inspiring us, motivating us, and encouraging us to continue crafting one-of-a-kind lighting. 

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