What Can Design Do for You?

What Can Design Do for You? 

Design, by basic definition, is the act of creating or planning something with a specific purpose. There are many layers of design objectively; but have you ever wondered what design can do on a deeper level? 

At A19, we strive to not only create fixtures, but to create feelings when experiencing our pieces. We like to say that we are the makers, and our customers are the designers. There is a psychology between design styles and colors — it has been studied that different colors, patterns, and lighting can produce different feelings. Different spaces can create different moods, and the functionality & convenience of a room can directly affect the quality of life. 

So, with all of that being said, what exactly can design do for you? Here are a few things: 

  • Design can act as a form of expression and communication
  • Allow you to discover what kind of aesthetic best suits you & your space 
  • Create a balanced and more enjoyable environment for you and your guests 

However, If your space has been lacking in the positive and calming feelings department, consider the impact(s) that design & functionality may be having. 

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