Why Buy From A19?

We understand the multitude of hours you’ve spent searching for the perfect lighting for your design project. All your research has led you here to our website, but you still have questions. Here are your answers.

Designers like Alexander Girard and Madison Taylor agree that lighting has a significant impact on the look and mood of a room. Unlike harsh overhead lights, our ceramic lighting fixtures cast a flattering light on cherished items and, of course, people. Our wall sconces reflect light in different directions, up to highlight architectural features like a high ceiling or down to draw attention to cherished pieces like an exquisite entry table. In addition, they flank paintings and mirrors beautifully, directing the eye to designer focal points in your room. Our pendant lighting brings the light down from the ceiling and puts it closer to your counter, table, or favorite chair, where it’s both functional and decorative. You and guests will undoubtedly admire its timeless style and quality for years to come.

Why Select A19 Ceramic Lighting?

Ceramic is an ancient material that can take on any modern form. As fragments from classical antiquity attest, ceramic is remarkably durable; it can withstand extremes of temperature and harsh – even outdoor – environments without rusting or deteriorating. As the manufacturer, we can paint it, texture it, pierce it, and lamp it in any way your design renovation requires. And, unlike common glass light fixtures, our ceramic lighting provides ambient light without glare.

Why Buy Your Ceramic Lighting Fixtures From Us?

Every business embodies a set of values: we value community, artistry, and sustainability. We are a small but mighty woman-owned business located in Southern California. As part of a six-person team, we do everything from making sconces to answering the phone (call us – you’ll see). Our products begin with designs drawn on napkins and end up on your walls like a piece of art. As artisans, we take pride in our work and fuss over the details. Moreover, we recycle every material we can, from clay and water to bubble wrap and boxes. We are a green business making a sustainable product. We are grateful to our local community, for our natural materials, and to our customers who support us.

See our Made in the USA page for more details on our commitments.

Why Purchase Your Ceramic Lighting Fixtures At Our Prices?

Having taken the time to look at the competition, you know that these are not bargain sconces. Our prices reflect the bespoke quality, the artisanal touch, and the highest-quality materials on the market. Every fixture is made-to-order to your specification and individually crafted from start to finish in our small factory in California. Our molds are created by hand, our wall sconces and pendants are hand-sanded after firing, and our finishes are hand-painted. All our parts, like our clay, organic and sourced in California, are so durable that you will never need to replace your sconces. Wisely, you will buy once, buy the best, and buy at a fair price.

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